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I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life        

AN ABSOLUTE   PHOENIX AZ. Wm. Branham 63-0127 "Im only telling you the truth, friend. Don't let it pass you by. I'm not claiming...I'm nothing. I'm your brother. Don't pay any attention to a messenger. You watch the message. Don't watch the messenger. God will take it away from you. He'll share his glory with nobody. That's right. Don't watch the messenger; watch the message...You just remember I'm telling you about Jesus Christ who's here now. You believe Him with all your heart. Don't you fail to believe Him."


The 11th Commandment

The Final Authority

Truth on the Godhead

Truth on Mystery Babylon and 666!

Understanding Bible Prophecy

Truth on Daniel's 70 Weeks

Truth on Evolution

Truth on Islam

Truth on the Rapture

Truth on Original Sin

Who is William Branham?

Answers to Skeptics of Christianity

Answering Brother Branham's Critics

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